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Savior Sent lyrics

by William Kappen


Tried and True, Mercy New, Lord I put my Hope in you,
Wild and free, perfect peace, always bring me to my knees
Stars and Sun, faithful one, you hold fast, I come undone
God and Friend, without End, There's no wound that you can not mend


I don't know where you're leading me
But I know it's where I want to be
My mind is filled with mysteries of your love, of your love, of your love
I don't know how to unlock me, but I know that you hold every key
My heart's still filled with mysteries, of your love, of your love, of your love


You are Father, and You are Savior Sent and You are spirit here right now
Your like no other and You are the hope of ages
You are alive and here right now


Doubt and Fears, timid tears, I bring to you and you draw near
You Hold and Kiss brokenness, you say my child I died for this.


So you leave the ninety-nine, and you search the ends of earth for one just one
How could I have been so blind, Now I know that your the One.
The only One.

Send "Savior Sent"

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