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Luv Luv's You Too Much lyrics

by William Kappen

Verse 1:

Well we're Finally Over the Mountain, Now were walking in the valley below
Its been a long road we've been going, and it seems we've got a long way to go
You know I tried but I can't make it on my own
And in this life a friend can help it feel like home


Sometimes love doesn't say the words that make you feel good
Sometimes love takes you to the end of all you thought you could
And this love is the catalyst that causes the change
Sometimes love loves you too much to leave you the same

Verse 2:

Well we've gotten over the questions, that had seemed to stand in our way
Still we don't know all of the answers, but somehow it's ok
You know I tried when times are tough to turn around,
But in this life a friend knows when to stand their ground

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