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Lost One lyrics

by William Kappen

Verse: 1

I can see you walking on the shore- I hear you
Call my name but I don't know what for- Truth is
I've felt so lost and so ashamed- And I
Can't imagine what you're going to say

Chorus: 1

Nobody sees me, I'm never chosen
Never the one, the one whose wanted
The one, the one whose counted
I am forgotten, I am the broken
I am the one, the one that gave up
The one, the one that falls down
Down down down.

Verse: 2

I have tried so hard to be someone- You have
Unraveled everything I've done- Truth is
Sometimes it hurts to be so real- If you
Knew how invisible I feel


You walked this road, you kindly showed you gave me eyes to see
You know my pain, you took the shame you brought me to my feet

Chorus: 2

I know you see me, I have been chosen
I am the one, the one that's wanted
The one, the one that's counted
I'm not forgotten, I'm not a failure
You are the one, the one who saved me
The one, the one who sent love down
Down, down down

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