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Bone Crusher lyrics

by Twelve Gauge Valentine

They're telling us how to live our live
Our lives I've been accused of a murder I've
Done worse I guess there's
Nothing to lose so teach me
I'm couting crows in the street that
Kind of motion you'd better get it RUN...CRUSH...BONECRUSHER...SHOCK you
Shocker I've done a lot of things
Wrong I can't set 'em right let's strike
A match we'll burn the night
I know you want it I know you
Need but you're always talking to the
Wrong man I know you want it it's what
You need but you're always talking
To the wrong man take me off
The stage because I'm good
For nothing and I'm here to say
Teach them my wicked ways call me
To the floor time's fading fast now
Tell the whole world it's over
Just don't forget they
Loved us oh man come on set it
Right they loved us oh man come on set it
Higher and higher higher than high you
Play the fool and I'll be the king
We'll sing a tune (tear this place down)
No one's getting out alive
Put me in the ground
With the worse tell them there's no need for a
Hearse I'm causing those fires in
The street put me in the lions
Den teeth clenched and
Bones crushing I'm the man
With both eyes closed alright now I'm
Coming back Take me off the stage
Because I'm good for nothing
And I'm here to say teach
Them my wicked ways
Call me to the floor time's fading
Fast now tell the whole world it's over just
Don't forget they loved us
There's no regret

(Thanks to David for these lyrics)

© 2006 Tooth & Nail Records

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