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The Reason Why lyrics

by Truth Bomb

I'm seein the sun, up in the sky,
People round me, wonderin' why,
I've got this joy, in my life,
I know it's You, You're the reason why,

I'm singing this song, to You Lord,
To show You how much I love You,
I love You, and I need You,
I couldn't live my life without You.

Mountains high, how deep the sea,
I know its large, Your love for me,
I've got this peace, and I am free,
I know its You, You died for me,

Without You,
I'd be incomplete, and I'd be undone,
I need more, of You Lord, in my life,
Draw me closer, to You,

I love You, You're the reason why,
I know its You, You're the reason why,
I've got this joy now in my life,
You've given me peace, and I have no fear,
Because I know that You are near,
On and on my life's in You,
On and on I will praise You,
I love You, You're the reason why.

Copyright 2005

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