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Never Again lyrics

by True Vibe

The sun was rising in the sky just like the day before
Just another normal day not knowing what's in store
Naturally you found a way to creep into my mind
You're whispering, I'm listening
How'd you get inside Listen up, I've heard about enough
That's right, I've turned my life
around Never, oh no, never again

Will I fall for your schemes
Will I fall for your plan
Never, oh no, I won't give in
This game's gotta end
Cause I'm not turning back
Never again I was not a stranger
to the lies that you had told
I have been in danger of desires taking over
Everything that I believe and all I know is true
Hypnotized, compromised, all because
of you Listen up, I've heard about enough
Sick of the lies you told me

Don't you know I've turned my life
around Never want to see your face
Sick of being in this place
Why can't I just live without you on my
mind You were mesmerizing, I thought
Now I see through all the lies I bought

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