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Give You More lyrics

by True Vibe

I can see you're hurting
Trying to hide your fear and pain
You feel a hunger and an emptiness
That you cannot explain
I can give you freedom
There's a whole new kind of life
That's waiting if you open up
the door I can give you more
All that you hope for

Put your trust in Me and you will see
That I am all you need
I can set you free
Just reach out to Me
I have made the sacrifice for paradise
That waits in store
I can give you more All your doubt and heartache
You can leave the past behind
I'm the answers to the questions
That are weighing on your mind

I'll be waiting for you
Here with open arms to give you love
Like you have never known before
More than you could ever dream
I'll be there night and day
If you put all your faith and hope in Me
Eternity is just a prayer away

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