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Imaginary Friend lyrics

by Tourniquet

He's got a secret environment locked in his head
reality suspended
He's got a cast of characters cooped up in his mind
whenever he wants them

Sitting in a corner admiring the sunbeams
with an imaginary friend
he frolics and plays but he's forgotten the only one
who can take away the pain
trading in what's real for a figment
a cashed in life locked up in his brain
they don't give diplomas from catatonic state

He bears a ton of gruesome cargo, can't seem to equate
what is fact or fiction
gonna blow the escape hatch
from the miserable existence - find the Eden in his brain
the same cast fills his dreams and his nightmares
the horrors of night seem twice as harsh in the day
disconnected existence
pull the plug to ease the pain

© 1997 Diadem

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