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Dimming The Light lyrics

by To Speak Of Wolves

Come in a little close dear, listen to this tale
About your brother next to you
Why it is he failed
I got a secret, I can't keep it inside
So there's this secret
I'm glad it isn't mine
It's killing me to keep it in
This burden isn't fair
Listen to this story, mask it with a prayer
Brother why is it you find?
Is it your quest to tell?
The troubles that haunt our closest kin
Is time ours to sell?
We tear apart the inside
Working towards dividing our intentions
Locking all our doors
Whisper in my ear
Voice your silence
Who are we to judge?
I see a painted portrait in the hallway
All alone
The light brightens its texture
I see the artist's every stroke
I close the curtains to dim the light, so the beauty fades away

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