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All for you lyrics

by Three season Ant

Meant to last/this is my story/deciding this is all no guts no glory/it's the end of guilty born mornings/waking up to feel redundantly sorry/here I am where i've been/bottled up inside my territory/it's possible/unbelievable/how you changed it all/got me standing tall/ I'm in awe of what I see/Grace that moves me Completely/

(Chorus) All for you/ it's you I treasure/and forever I will be yours/(end chorus)

You've got it all/all of me/never looking back/you and I only/so incredible/undeniable/how you changed it all/ got me standing tall/I'm in awe of what I see/grace that moves me/ completely/

All for you/it's you I treasure/and forever I will be yours(Repeat Chorus)



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