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Beautiful Monster lyrics

by Thi'Sl

i canít escape

i canít run away

iím not strong enough

to stay so long

youíre a beautiful monster

yeah everywhere i go

its like i canít get away from you

everywhere i turn it seems like iím facing you

no matter how far i go

there is no escaping you

find myself doing the very things that i hate to do

you, you, you, iím sick of your lies

you decieve me, trying to ruin my mind

life it canít be

iíve got to break free

i know you hate me but i keep on pursuing you

ooh, ooh, ohh, its like i canít breathe

sweet melodies tryin to hypnotize me

i smell your poison and it smells so sweet

but i ainít tryin to go where you lead my feet

no, no, i got to let go

i donít want to love you no moí

my soulís been bought, it hasnít been sold

youíre so beautiful, but youíre a monster

youíre a beautiful monster

a beautiful monster x7

i canít believe that you would even

have the audacity

to help me fall

to turn around and laugh at me

chasing you will lead to all types of blasphemy

i mess around and catch a murder case

like cassidy

el, el, ainít goní lie

you were my life like Mary J. Blige

but i ainít goní cry

i know how you do

laugh all you want to

nah coz iím through wit u

oh, oh, iím sick of your lies

iím sick of your lust

and iím sick of your pride

a war goiní on now

where you goní hide

another set free

jubilationís high

oh, oh, i had to let it go

baptized in the Lord, not a slave no moí

my life been bought, it hasnít been sold

youíre so beautiful, but youíre a monster (youíre ugly)

Youíre a beautiful monster

a beautiful monster x7

ahh, sheís a, sheís a, sheís a

sheís a vision of perfection

i swear she is

in the mirror is my reflection

and there she is

my lust and desires

up in her prom dress

body of a goddess

trapped in a lockness monster

ĎCre told me she a killer

untouchable its crazy

though i still feel her

evil, wicked, deceit though sinister

but iím still tempted to keep giving in to

the lust in her eyes

death on her tongue

chest full of pride

breasts got me sprung

nothing but destruction on her mind

but whats to keep me thinkiní that its

loving all the time

she told me that we could make love

under the sunset

and when the night falls

we can name my son death

she calls my heart home

finally got the context

that sheís beautiful

but iím the monster

Youíre a beautiful monster

youíre no good for me

youíre a monster

but youíre beautiful

and i know

youíre not what it seems


Youíre a beautiful monster

a beautiful monster x7

Youíre a beautiful monster.

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