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Set Me Free lyrics

by Stryper

Every bit of history
And every single breath we breathe
Has led us here and brought us to our knees
From carrying the curse we bear
And praying that He’s heard our prayers
To set us free
Oh, set us free

Cause we could never get back home with broken hearts
So Home has come to meet us where we are

So sing, God is with us
Sing, He has come to save us
Sing, He will never leave us
Glory in the highest, everybody sing
To the One who is our King
He has come to bring redemption to us
God is with us
Glory in the highest, everybody sing

We have found our hope again
In the Son of God and Son of Man
This Savior King is changing all we know
By carrying the curse we bear
For everybody everywhere
He lived and died and brought us life
And we will rise to meet Him in the sky

Jesus, Jesus, our Emmanuel
God is with us now

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