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Open Eyes lyrics

by Plankeye

A man walks down the street
Snd we close our eyes
Because he is filthy and homeless
So we don't even look twice
Under his arm ther's a Bible and
A look of peace in his eyes
This man also loves Jesus, so
Just open up your eyes
Love your brother, any form
Shape, and size because no one
Looks perfect except in Jesus' eyes
Take time to know your brothers
And open up their eyes
A boy sleeps under a bridge
Mad from the world's lies. he sees you,
Preaching to the crowd, and comes to seek Jesus Christ
And when you tell him about the Lord
You will see the fear in his eyes...
Jesus tugging at his heart
The Lord opened up his eyes...
We go through life with our eyes closed
And we turn off the people who need us the most
We gotta take time to know one another
We gotta take time to love all our brothers

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