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Saturday Night Ride lyrics

by Off the Record

Lost in the times of grey.
Just come out and say what it is that makes you this way.
And we'll see that you cannot be like everybody else.
Psychiatric ward as a daily dose of therapy.
Why can't you get it through your mind that you are stuck in time?
Confined by boundaries set up by a great design.
But you think you can escape to a time of the past.
Football jock. Playing buttrock.
Hanging out and smoking your grass.
Why can't you see? You're not seventeen.
You work in a shop bathing collies.
You live in the past.
Remember glory days, stomping grounds, cool crowd, throwing your eggs.
Don't you just know that your life does go on.
Just know that you can't stand up to the waves of this world.
They knock you down and cry "I once was a great guy."
But that's in the past.
Soon so will you be too.
Unless you come to realize shaving dogs just isn't for you.

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