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All I Can See lyrics

by Newsboys

We have walked in the shadows
Been through the storms
Fought many battles living to learn
But all I can feel is Your peace by my side

Down in the valleys with death and with fear
You have seen my heart broken but still You are near
Down in the valleys Your hand wipes my tears
You have seen my heart broken
But still I'm singing

All I can see is love in Your eyes
All I can feel is peace by Your side
All I can see is love in Your eyes
With that I know You're walking by my side
You're in my eyes cause all I can see
Is love in Your eyes

You look as clear
As when this journey began
My eyes have been opened
To love through Your Son
I praise You for Him
For He has been my guide

- Bridge -

- Chorus -
© 1990 Starsong

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