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Teenage Politics lyrics

by MxPx

No I'm not mad but I think they forget
What it's like and how hard it is to be a teenager
This is a new day and age, we read a different book
Where elvis ain't the rage and polyester ain't the look
And will we change at all when we get old?
Or will we be the same? never do what were told
Well that depends on you, are you doing the right thing?
It's not about control, it's about you and me and understanding
Teenage politics it's too confusing
Politics shmolitics it's too confusing
Is it time again to disagree
About anything, everything and what's on tv
It's a vicious circle, never ending
A linear equation worldy extending
No ill never be like you ill never ever be like you
Oh no! I'm just like you!

© 1995 Tooth & Nail Records

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