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Learn To Let Go lyrics

by Mark Schultz

I'm holding this picture
You drew when you were four
It was one we proudly hung
On our refrigerator door
I found it in the attic
In your old dresser drawer
By a pillow that we made you
And a blanket that you had
When we learned to chase the monsters
From underneath your bed
And I remember

How I learned how to hold you when you cried
I learned how to let you be strong
Learned how to calm you in the dark
Learned how to listen with my heart
I learned how to watch you grow
But how will I learn to let go

And when I walk in your bedroom
The memories that I keep
Are bedtime stories
And rocking you to sleep
And as I held you
You'd drift off to dream
And I know
it might sound crazy
Now that you are grown
But yesterday still feels
Like the day we brought you home
And I remember
© 2000 Sony

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