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Fall In Love Again lyrics

by Mark Schultz

Each night I sit alone
I dial you on the phone
But you're not there
Oh are you there?
Can't keep my heart from breaking
Can't keep my mind from thinking
You're not here
I need you here

But just because you feel alone
It doesn't mean we're letting go
I will be with you 'til the very end...

So don't close your eyes
Don't say goodbye
Don't let the tears fall
from your eyes
I can't help but think about you night and day
When you stumble
When you fall
I'll help you make it through it all
'Cause when I think of you
I fall in love again

Can't teach my heart to listen
Oh it just keeps on missing how it was
The memories of
You right there by my side oh
Never dreamed of letting go
But now you're gone
It feels so wrong



I believe in faith above
In giving everlasting love
I believe there is a chance for us

© 2000 Sony

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