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New Beginnings lyrics

by Luminate

There's a life that I've been aiming for
To please the world I see
And live by taking more
But I'm lost cause, I always come up short
I guess living for yourself will leave you wanting more

So here's to new beginnings, and here's to breaking free
Let's chase a new horizon, chase who we're meant to be
(Just) close your eyes and listen, cause Love's calling you and me
To see a new tomorrow, it's who we're meant to be (we're meant to be)

Here I am, I can't do this anymore
Keep following the blind, there's a sound I can't ignore
And I know, that I've got a chance to change
But I know the only way, I've got to through the grave

We're meant to be
We're meant to be
So we will live

I am found, and there's no where left to hide
Love's found me where I am and the change I can't deny
Love is here, I'm not letting go this time
My second birth grace, through death I am alive

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