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Won't Hold Back lyrics

by Kierra Sheard

I know you thinkin’ what she ‘bout to do now,
With the crazy track, JDS in the back
Bangin’ in your system, can you feel the rhythm?
it's just the way God gave it to us.
a crazy praise, just givin’ you a taste
of the many ways he made, for me his life he laid.
you can't identify and you betta' not deny so open your mouth adn let it out let it out.
I won’t hold back,
Whoever’s silent is wack.
I gotta praise, c’mon and open your mouth
I gotta praise, c'mon and scream it loud
got this power in me God delivered me
i gotta parise c'mon and open your mouth i got a praise c'mon and scream it loud.
I need you get this, so come on and picture this
Tears of joy, with a joyful noise
With my knees on the floor, hands in the air
as if i stole?
Cuz if you only knew Jesus
He’s the best thing that could ever happen
That the human mind could evven think, cuz He’s so big
That’s why, I’m gonna let it out (let it out)
CHORUS (2x’s)
Are you really tryin’ to get your praise on? (3x’s)
Cuz I’m a dance, dance
Yes I’m really tryin’ to get my praise on (3x’s)
Cuz I’m a dance dance
CHORUS (2x’s)

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