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Move lyrics

by John Reuben

if you wanna come get it just move
go ahead turn it up and move
just raise the bar you
you know what to do hey you just

Everybody in the place clear a space
tonight's the only night this night will take place
no time to waste
lets not worry about time
stop the clock it's fine
keep it at nine
I'm in the mood tonight just do the typical
I'm in the mood tonight just for the ritual
even at the risk of bein dissed the face of ridicule
pessimists be dismissed there's no room for the cynical
cause nowadays music's too political
and maybe just a bit too predicatable
the repetition repetition repetition
man I'm just kiddin or am I?
I'll leave that for you to decide
take it back like counterclockwise no surprise
it's just that good old fashioned horseplay passion
to keep the party crackin

Chorus x2

Frolickin through your metropolitan
with some new ideas for my peers to wallow in
but what I brought to the table it's hard to swallow and
you don't have a mind of your own and are only followin ah man
please don't call me conservative
God creates man just perverts it
even though I know I'm far from perfect
I exercise my right to be creative when I word it
observe from a distance come inside if you're inclined
feel the surge of the elements combined
jump start the system with unearthly wisdom
or advance the liberal thinking
yet older than tradition sound nice?
If not check your sound device
I think turning it up is sound advice
that's right go ahead turn it up and
yeah go ahead turn it up and

Chorus x2

Ladies gentlemen children
front to the back to the middle and
all areas in between
you're the one and only you
so go ahead and do your thing
the box we've been playin in is boring
so lets step outside and start exploring
I'm in a 91 Chevy van touring
if the spots not hot we'll torch it til it's scorching
that's not a sure thing
More jests of wording
to make me sounds good and pep up the recording
according to my calculations if I'm correct
good things lie directly ahead
as the crow flies so do I
straight to the point until I arrive
reporting live to your radio inside
John Reu reminding you to please remember to

Chorus x2
© 2003 Gotee Records

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