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You LOve Me lyrics

by Joanna Martino

Advertisers sell me
And TV tries to tell me
That my beauty's skin deep
And it's to my advantage
To pretty up the package
If I want to succeed

But somewhere in the quiet
Away from all the noise
I hear a different message
In a still small voice

You love me you love me
Just for being me
You love me you love me
You want me to see
It's not about appearance
It's not about my style
No matter what the world is thinking of me
You love me

You see my potential
And to get there it's essential
That I follow your lead
There will be distractions
And in all of my reactions
I will need to believe

The world will try to change me
To make me look the part
All you really care about
Is what's inside my heart


I couldn't face the pressure
If I had to stand alone
Every time I come to you
Lord you let me know

© 2005 Joanna Martino

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