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All Consuming Fire lyrics

by Jennifer Knapp

I sit here and question why my God loves me
Though I have never done a good thing
Or a righteous deed
And though I’m rich, I claim that I’m poor
Crying over earthly things I know I can’t afford but
He who died is greater than these
I should be thankful, praying on my knees

Alpha and Omega
Prince of Peace
O, my king of Kings
The Great I Am, Jehovah Jireh
Who cares for me
The Holy One, the Holy Father of the Blessed Trinity
All Consuming Fire burn in me

Now I never claimed to be anymore than I am
Anymore than I seem
In fact I bill myself so much less than I am
So much less than He sees
So may I hold out with an open hand
This frail life of mine and pray that You can make it stand
Most Holy God it’s all I need to say that I’m thankful
I can believe in the


© 2000 Gotee Records

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