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Drifting lyrics

by Jaded Thorns

I am drifting here, alone and incomplete.
Searching for the other part of me, for my missing peace.
All the ways i"ve known, the paths I used to seek,
every one of them seems empty now.
No more within my reach.
Now there's something, I feel something.
Yes there's something stirring...Just beneath the surface,
of all I thought I knew lies the naked truth,
of who I am and what I'm coming to.
As I grope within this suffocating silence,
I feel you calling me to you now.
I hear your voice and then; I feel there's something,
now there's something, yes there's something stirring...
When I look into your eyes, I see myself within.
Can I reach beyond this empty life?
When I look into your eyes, the darkness seems to fade.
What' s past is gone, I finally see the truth.
© 2004 Word of Mouth

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