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Point Of No Return lyrics

by Jacks Of All Trades

The sound becomes underground
And no matter how hard you try
You can't shout
We've come back
Step back
Hold it inside
No we won't take that
So stand up and fight
Hold unto what's yours
And gimme what's mine
Hold that sensation
To the last line
Last man standing
Be the first in commanding
I won't be the first one landing

Point of no return - this is the
Point of no return - we've reached the
Point of no return - this is the
Point of no return - c'mon c'mon

Is it cool to say nothing
I don't think so
So we'll keep rocking
Party people in the house
Throw your hands in the air
And gimme somma some of that
Party atmosphere
Everybody knows
that it's gonna get hot
Everybody knows
that we have got
More to give
Cuz we don't dance with the devil
We're down with God
Call us rebels

I've gone too far
I can't turn back, oh no

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