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Bow Down lyrics

by Jacks Of All Trades

Mere Christianity
In this insanity
For vanity
You'd get killed like Kennedy
The only remedy
Is the door out the back
But you lack
Self-respect and that's that
The one thing that bothers me
Is that my brothers see
Emptiness don't even know
Who they fathers be
Others feel
But suffocate in they hate
Don't be ashamed
It's just a little faith

I can't go on like this it makes me wanna scream loud
I can't go on like this I want to be more real now
I can't go on like this it's time for you to bow down
I seem to be so strong but only if you hear me out

Never gonna go back
Know that
Everything I've done
I've done for the payback
So lay that down
Take a look around
And know what it's all about
When I shout
I don't wanna be like this
Or feel like this
Never gonna go there again
It's a hit-and-miss
Believe in this
No there ain't no regrets
But if I can
I'ma leave this mess

Hear me out

I can't go on like this
I've killed my dreams of bliss

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