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From the Mid to the East Cypha lyrics

by Flame

(Daí T.R.U.T.H.)
Heís in a class by himself, a league of His own
Heíll give life to the dead, Heíll breathe on your bones
Heís more than a homeboy, Heís king on a thrown
Now either love Him, or leave Him alone
But you canít do both, itís either or
The velvet or the iron door
The lamb or the lion that roars
The provider of the rider on the horse
Heís Yahweh, King, much more than a product in the store
Plus, Heís faithful and true
Waitiní to come through, consume fools like a plate full of food
Eternal life, thatís a fate for the few
No breaking the rule, come on a roll like skateboarder dudes

Check the flavor my neighbor
You can raise your hand while I set the faiser to taiser
This is shock for you soul
A little rock and roll
Something to step to when you hit the block and stroll
So letís lock and load
Word of God is the ammo
Armor of God, camo fatigues
Strategic Rambo maneuvers
Hand over land is the move, man
Stand soldier, firm in your faith
Time to do what He told ya
Hold up the 66 books
Stuck in the radio
Always trying to hit me with hooks, nope
Feeling my crew? Hallelu
This is how it sounds when Pilly goes down, mixed with the Lou
Ooh, try and listen
I, yes the Christian
Wide screen addition
In high definition
Coming soon
Like manana, sun and moon
That the ___________ for my peoples, like sunny tunes

So itís one, two for my mic check
As I approach a world that Christ-less
Giving you good meat to digest
And I swear solidly the rock properly
Dropping non-stopily
Since the rock spotted me
Knocked me down, switched my flow game
Changed my identity from sinner to no-name
Introduced me to light
Gave my soul flame
Now its nothing but Gospel whenever I flow man
From Philly to the mid-west right thurr
My mic serves the Gospel to strike the right nerve
So when you finished with this cypha music
If the Cross ainít done yet, then neither is the movement

His mercy, mercyís
On me like the jersey
Royalty purple and gold like James Worthy
A tradeís been made, I ainít worth a food stamp
Canít stand on my own like Iíve got two cramps
Ainít sinning, but I can, pray for me
Youíre my brother right?
Then youíre able to pray for me
We all foolish, thinking we ainít Judas
Help me Lord, Paul thought his sins were rudest
Stacey dashes, taking dashes clueless
makes me mad is us Christians act the cruelest
I got some knocks on my head from some Bibles
Gave some too, thank Christ for survival
Hearts deceitful
Making knowledge idols
Trunks in my eye and I canít see my rivals
Cause they unseen, please remember
We donít uproot, God yells timber

This is the lost swift movement
From the mid to the east
To bring across truth to flame to the ears of the streets
My Bibleís my Tonic, I guess Iím a Phantik for Christ
Or Ambassador, slashin hearts with the Word of Tru-Life
Actually, Heís giving me what I need to survive
Cause Adam had to have branded us to the breed that would die
Thank Jesus, at least you can say that our hearts still ainít hardened
He said This House I Shall Live, so right there my sins have been pardoned
Itís mercy, because weíre sinners saved by grace
If not, smell it like pee-ew, as J-Silas would say
The violence today is running rapid from the nature of sin
So we paint a picture of the Cross and pray the world will give in

We set tracks ablaze
For the Rock of Ages
To free captive minds from locks and cages
This is hot off the press, fam
Flip the pages
Sin has a penalty, who paying the wages?
Its as clear as it gets, canít get no clearer
Couldnít get it closer to ya if you looked in a mirror
Unless your vision dirty fam, like grit on the mirror
Gritty, grimy, filthy, like spit on the mirror
Jesusí blood cleansed us though like Windex on the mirror
Ďtill His image what we see when we look in the mirror
Ďtill His love is what you see when you looking at us
Black is blood is what it seem when God is looking at us

Oh, itís outrageous, the Word of God is so amazing
Its time, letís walk this way and letís get to cypha God-blazin
Sin and death, Iím sick of it
We need His omnipotence
Stand against wickedness
With lifted fists and arms raised
It is my turn to spark this cypha
Its time to start this fire
The real Jesus walks with me
Even through the wire
Heís the true Messiah
He donít care about a tire
You filthy rags, He makes clean
___________ He admires
I donít need the blings
I rock the products of the Father
I hold onto this attire manufactured by Abba
Donít need the Gucci
The phat ride, or the Prada
Cause my hand gesture welcomes God in like the Ramada

He preach the Cross even when the legions mock
And we seek whatís pleasing God cause Heís the boss
Watching what we say like closed caption, believe it docí
The worldís watching us like peeping tomís
When we spit like teething tots
Thousands of heathens drop
And become dumb-founded like when speech is lost
Gospel emcees are rare like an equinox
Non-Christ-centered verses are grieving God
I donít need the props
I was the sheep thatís lost
Then I met the good Shepard
His voice leads the flock
In this day and time Satan is taking lives like Ethan Hawk
So cling to God with tunes open, receive the plot

We scream enough truth that youíve got to listen
Iím Flame, canít take the heat, get out the kitchen
Christian cats are spittiní Christ with the mic on
We ride through the dark with our high-beam lights on
The whole camp might be social martyrs
We preach with our life and are vocal artists
Jesus, welcome to Christ saints
Can I take your order?
Iíll have the bread of Heaven and the living water
Weíll stick together, Godís sons and daughters
Let us worship together, the God who called us
And we ainít those cats after a platinum million
Cause just knowing Christ is that platinum feeling

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