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Commercial lyrics

by Flame

You are listenin’ to Rewind wit’ ma man Flame on T.I.T.U.S. radio 2:11 FM
Rewind…..Sin…The most alluring, enticing experience known to mankind
Do you have issues, do you sometimes feel lonely and unfulfilled, do you get bored with the monotony of everyday life, Try Sin!
Guaranteed to temporarily satisfy fleshly desires and stimulate all five of your senses….Sin…
100% human nature, available for women and men of all shapes, sizes, and colors
Side effects may include: loss of money, debt, early pregnancy, incarceration, demonic possession, chemical dependency, internal burning, and gnashing of teeth….Sin…
I got a question for you
Did you know that God has spoken to us through His perfect Word, the Christian Bible?
Are you gonna respond in obedience, are you gonna take His Word out of context to fit your situation, and to make you happy?
How are you gonna respond?
I got a question for you
Radio DJ: Yeah, whats up ya’ll. Are we gonna keep it movin’ man? We got our first caller, State your name and where you’re from
Caller: Uh, hello—hello—yeah, ma name is Christ from Detroit, an uh, I’ma new Christian, and I’ma tryin’ to properly understand how to interpret Scripture
Radio DJ: Aight, I got chew bro’, well I got this song, it’s called Context man, it’s gonna break all that down for you so, here we go man, check it out

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