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Burning Tree/Holy Ground lyrics

by Desperation Band

I'll take my shoes and lay them down, 'cause I stand on holy ground.
I'll take my will and make it bow, 'cause I stand on holy ground.
Can I come closer? Yeah.

Take my fear and all my doubt, I leave them at holy ground.
All these things I'll do with out, 'cause I stand on holy ground.
Can I come closer?

And voice in the burning tree, come and burn in me.
Set my heart a light with Your holy fire.
God of the parted waves, be part of it all, I pray.
Come like a raging flood and above all come.

Now I stand, O Great I Am, surrendered to what I've found.
Love that takes the sinner's hand and leads them to holy ground.
Can I come closer?

Set your people free for freedom's sake, Your people free in Jesus name.
The chains will break, the walls will shake and we will pray.

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