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Fighting Temptation lyrics

by Deitrick Haddon

[Talking:] We gon fight [2x]

[4x Chorus:]
I'm fighting temptations [2x]
I'm fighting fighting [2x]

[Verse 1:]
Ahh, I'm trying to live a godly life
Be lying if i said it ain't hard
I can't even open my eyes
Cuz everything is Rated R
Can't believe what I'm seeing, I'm speechless
All i see is your booty and cleavage
You just tryin to find my weakness
I'm determined to pass your test

[Chorus: 4x]

[Verse 2:]
Ahh, Tryin to be spirit lit
I ain't gon let you in my head
And like a spider you are weaving your web
Tryin to get a brotha in your bed
You don't like it, that I'm standing tall
Though the reason why faith didn't fall
So put away your seduced lips
I know the devil's all in your kiss

[Chorus: 4x]

[Verse 3:]
Ahh, under pressure to make this money
This recession makin things so hard
I don't wanna do nothing illegal
Then i gotta put my trust in god
Lord, I'm reaching out for help
I can't win the war by myself
Lord, I need a little more patience
And more strength so I can fight temptations

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