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Awaken Us lyrics

by Building 429

We are questions that beg for the answers
We are poems awaiting the rhyme
We are riddles that long for solution
With your breath we come alive

We are silenced when searching for reasons
We are weary and broken inside
We are desperate for your affection
We are darkness you are light

Awaken us, Awaken us
Stir in our hearts your truth
Awaken us, Awaken us
That we might live for you
We are ashes, we are dust
Awaken us

You whispered the dawn of creation
And your love has been on display
You have promised that you would be with us
We need you, every day

You will lead us out of the desert
You will hold us when we’re weak
We will rise up, we will rise up
To follow our Great King.
We will walk with you up the mountain
We walk with you on the sea
We will rise up, we will rise up
To follow our Great King

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