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The Likes of You lyrics

by Brandon Heath

It never fails to make me laugh how you get so mad at me
The way I watch you when you move, you get so mad at me
You try to make me look away but I'm taken by the view
The perfect vision of my dreams, what I see when I see you

You try to turn me on to art but it's just not quite the same
Do you expect me to compare something locked behind a frame
All the color of your heart what's a painter supposed to do
There's no stroke of any brush that could paint the likes of you

Your sweet security, your elusive mystery
Is just enough to keep me on my feet
When we're dancing in the street you never miss a beat
The beat of my heart

Let the wind catch your dress, let the sunlight stain your face
Girl, I love to watch you move with your balance and your grace
Please forgive my wondering eyes if they've found a place to rest
On the beauty of your soul on the smile that I love best
© 2004 Brandon Heath

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