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Overdue lyrics

by Brandon Heath

Sometimes Father I think I can feel you bleed
As I fall in to the middle of the pages that I read
Did you wake me up this morning to be taught
To be lead into the clutches of the people that you sought
The view from here is all but clear
You have my heart, and I just wher to start
That's why I follow you

And sometime s father I don't think I understand
You insist that I am worthy of your sacrificial hand
And every time I think of what you went through for
Your beloved children always you so gracefully adore

You couldn't stay
You made a way eternity
And you gave us all eternity
That's why we thank you lord
It's why we praise you

Abba Father I am caught in your embrace
I am witnessing the beauty of
Your undeserving grace
Still I ask you Father, what am I to do
With a broken hearted story
That which brought me here to you

Your love is true
And it's overdue, but I love you too

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