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Mystery Of You lyrics

by Better Days Ahead (BDA)

I remember my younger days fondly
So much was beyond me
So much yet unknown
Like a child I created my places
And filled up my pages
With poems and prose

Life untasted lay stretched out before me
A child in awe of Your glory

You are the Great Mystery
Calling me endlessly deeper to love You
And I will answer with reckless abandoning
Everything keeping me from You
I could never unravel the mystery of You

Now I'm older and sharing my world
With a beautiful girl
Who's the love of my life
More and more I pack life into boxes
And wonder who watches
The poems I write

But You're still the question my heart longs to answer
A debtor in search of the Master

More than I know
Or I could imagine, You are
© 2004 Creative Trust

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