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Maybe You lyrics

by Better Days Ahead (BDA)

She says she's just a girl
I think there's something more
She says You changed her world

And the smile on her face is a dead giveaway
And I just got to know

So won't you tell me
Is there something more to You
Maybe You could be the one for me
And turn my life into
Just what I need
Maybe You could save my soul
Maybe You could be my best friend, too
Maybe You

There's something in her eyes
Something behind her smile
She says You changed her life

Well maybe You or maybe not
All I want is what she's got
And I just got to know


She says no one knows her like You do
She says she's nothing without You
And all I know is that I need You, too
Cause I can't see her without seeing You
© 2004 Creative Trust

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