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Summertime lyrics

by Audio Adrenaline

I want to play all day
and swim out in the waves
in a lagoon that has no shark to bite my legs
a perfect place
where we can all laugh out loud
with palm trees, an ocean breeze
and never any clouds
get away
far away
to a place
I can stay

feels like summertime
the sun is shining on my face
feels like summertime
I never want to leave this place
but if I can't go now
I know someday, somehow
I know you've got a place
designed for me someday
I've got a mansion there
a royal getaway
and when my work is done
you'll fly me there at last
a place that doesn't take credit cards
or lots of cash
but if I can't go now
I know someday, somehow
you will take me there
cast away my burdens
take away my cares
© 2001 Forefront

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