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Called My Wife lyrics

by ApologetiX

Called my wife ďEve,Ē the serpent he jumped in
Jumped in Ďcause he was never good for nothing
Nothing Ďcept his lies and his empty boasts
Closed our foolish eyes and he ended our hopes
All life long Iíll remember the day
When Eden was around now itís taken away
Eve says just to deal with it I feel morose
When it costs the life of a sheep or goat
Calm down this ainít recess
I wanna tell you the rest
And if I give you a test
Sons, you two both better do your best
Sacrifice something that matters
Like Abel did with his sheep
Cause youíre my reason to breathe
Donít want my sons ending up like me
Címon my sons listen up I plead
Cain, donít let it go to waste
I love you, donít just vegetate
Hateís keeping you down
Abel, yeah, youíre going great
I love you, but I hesitate
Cainís sneaking around
When I found out we need covered
I covered up with some leaves
I made a one-piece for Eve
Over the shoulders down to the knees
Didnít get any closer to making both of us wise
It left me empty inside
From then on Iíve got something to hide
From then on Iíve got something to hide
Cain, donít let this grow to rage
I love you, whyíd you make that face
Snakeís seeking you out
Abel, yeah, I know your faith
I love you, but you ainít that safe
Cainís creeping me out
Called my wife Iíve been searchiní since sunset
Something must be wrong have you seen our sons yet
Not yet but I spy someone gettiní close
Closer, yes, itís Cain at the end of the road
Oh, my son, whatís that thing on your face
And Abelís not around whereíd you take him today
He was in the field with you I fear you know
You look kind of like youíve just seen a ghost
My son, son, what have you just done
Son, son, tell me what have you just done
Son, my son, Cain, I donít wanna guess
Cain you better go away
I love you but I hate that snake
Canít keep him around
Abel, what a total waste
Iíd love to go and take your place
Laid deep in the ground
Done, done, on to the next son
Done, Iím done, now Iím warning you Seth
© 2004 Parodudes, Inc.

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