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Walking in the Light lyrics


Alright, alright
Oh yeah oh yeah

When the clouds cover up your heart
And the darkness appears
Before the rain starts
Though the hours turn to many days
The hope that soon it will pass
Is what you embrace
For the clouds will rain in a season
Healing drops to wash the hurt away
And the sun will give in its perfect time
Revelations of a brand new day

Take heart this time
Know everything will be alright
Rest assured that
Soon as the morning comes
We'll go walkin, walkin in the light
We'll go walkin, walkin in the light

Now it seems
Having been here before
One would know by now
When to yield the floor
To the one who created time and space
Knowing sometimes the message
Is simply to wait
For our faith
Is not what could happen
Or the evidence of what we can't see
But hope is what you can still hold to
Never letting go of what you believe


Should you ever need someone
Just call me, call me, just call me
Its not a question if I'm here for you
I'm right by your side
Through the test of time


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