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Wait for the Promise lyrics

by Aaron Jeoffrey

I will wait for the promise, look to the sky
Wait for the promise and leave every lie,
Hope for the future and try as I pray
To wait for the promise and live for the day.

We all can speak our minds,
about struggles we have known
I guess I have walked a few miles,
in deserts of my own
but through the toughest times,
the manna still comes down
How could I ever doubt,
all the faith I've found


With every step I take,
there's provision for my need
A daily glimpse of glory,
for my eyes to see
I know when life deceives,
the manna will be real
I can never doubt,
all the faith I feel


Gonna loose all my fears, let the winds
They come from far away
Gonna dry all my tears, trust the promise God gave
Gonna wait for the promise

Chorus x2

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