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Underneath lyrics

by 33Miles

You've tried so hard, gone too far
To cover up who you are
Done your best, but no success
‘Cause deep inside it's still a mess
You've held so tight, but don't you know
Healing comes when you let go

Open up the heart that you hide
Everything you locked up inside
It's time to come clean
Let mercy set you free
Take off that heavy disguise
Lay it all out in the light
The good, the bad, the in between
God loves what's underneath

You're not alone, ‘cause Jesus knows
The secrets that you're scared to show
And you can run, but when you're done
You'll see that you can't outrun love
Break the chains, find new hope
Freedom comes when you let go


The smile you try to fake
To cover up the pain
He holds all your mistakes
And then he washes them away
He washes them away

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