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Everyday Away lyrics

by Winans Phase 2

No way, no way, no, no, no
I can't wait for another day
For shelter in your arms (I'm sure you know)
All the ways that you comfort me
It really soothes my soul
With everyday away, those memories come rushing back
Making me long to feel your touch (I'm sure you know)
Everything that I'm going through
Because I turned against your love

Everyday away, the more I think about you
Everyday away, the more I need you near to me
Everyday away, I long to be around you
Everyday away, I realize how dear you are to me

This time that I spend alone
Has opened up my eyes (I'm sure you know)
I thank you Lord for showing me
A love that never dies
Cause you've showed me all the beauty Jesus
That your love can bring and this time
I surrender to you my Jesus
No one else Lord, will ever take your place

© 1999 Sony

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