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Call To Worship lyrics

by Vicky Beeching

The blazing sunrise, the endless oceans
The spinning planets all reveal their Maker’s power
They shout His glory, they shine His beauty
Their voices cry an invitation to us all
They are summoning every soul,
Summoning every soul…

This is a call to worship
Let it echo all around the earth
This is a call to bow down
And give God the glory He deserves

We have gathered, to praise our Maker
We’ve come to worship him for we have heard the call
Let every nation and all creation
Join us worshipping the holy God of all
As we cry out to all of this world
Cry out to all of this world…

To the north and the south
Let this invitation resonate
To the east and the west
Let this invitation resonate
Till the north and the south
Till the east and the west
Overflow with praise
© 2006 Sparrow

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