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In Completion lyrics

by Underoath

So follow me to the empty ocean
We can watch the city
do you sit behind the skylight
It happens?
we float away and forget about the way you used to be
tonight i feel were never wanting to let you drown without me
tonight we are the only ones to watch it fall apart

We sat into our place where i can watch you swim
Dont forget my hands still wrapped around your neck
We fall deeper into the ground this night has never looked so hollow
I wanted to share this with you, with you
I'll wait till it opens up again, sit here till the water reaches our necks
Finally get to watch them wash away the night

Tonight i feel but i never wanted to let you drown without me without me

Open your lungs follow me down
Open your lungs follow me down

I said this up keep swimming keep swimming
Oh god i am emptier than you

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