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Pillars of Humanity lyrics

by The Crucified

Intro: isaiah 41:23 & 24

The roots deep of this wicked tree
They're reaching out seeking to change me
It's struggle enough not live for my "self"
Gotta lift up God for he is deserving so well
All this "humanity" and the power it claims
Has turned from God to pursure it's own way
To do what God does through it's own strength?
I see a storm coming - chaos this way

The lies, distorted truths
So many lies
Surrounding you

You look to yourselves
To bring you deliverance from hell
To lift yourselves into the place of God
Convince yourselves that you cannot be stopped

You'll stop yourselves

Environmental, racial conscience so high
Your claims are nothing when the fire has died
Starting off with that strong p.m.a. (positive mental attitude)
Your education's only partial and then you fade
To make a change you gotta lay down your pride
Only God can make those changes inside
Pride is a fire that burns with no name
Careful now that you are not the moths drawn to it's flame

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