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Closer Than We Think lyrics

by The Classic Crime

What’s it gonna take for me?
I’m on my hands and knees
While all the poets fill pages of loose leaf
I feel cheap and I feel empty
We will bathe in the sea of disbelief
But we will not go quickly
No we will not die so easily
And I knew that this would happen, it always does
And I couldn’t stop my reaction so I let it come
I let it come

I still hold the belief that we are free
That we don’t need the rules to see
That despite what we’ve done we’re not alone
We’re closer than we think to home

It didn’t take me too long to believe that I could do anything
We turn the songs up loud so we can sing
I am true and I am living
We will walk through the valley of the shadow of the boring and burn it all
No we will not go quietly

Across the water you call me, but I’m not listening as I sink down
Water fills my lungs as I begin to drown
I knew that this would happen
© 2008 Tooth and Nail

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