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Way Beyond the Blue lyrics

by Steven Curtis Chapman

Way beyond the blue, the Father is calling
Let Him take you to a life beyond compare

The passion fades and your sense of adventure
Sits collecting dust on a shelf
The new gets old, and hearts get cold
Where's the flame that burned with excitement
Where's the hope you once knew so well
It's lost at sea with all your dreams
There you stand caught between an endless sky above and earth below
Look above and beyond what you see to find a view of all that this life can be

Way beyond the blue, where the Father is calling
Let Him take you to a life beyond compare
His love is wider than the skies above you
And He has plans for you, that go way beyond the blue

Like the wind carries an eagle
Let His hand carry you now
And show you scenes of His mighty strength
As you rise high above all the riches that this world could give
You will find the depth of His love
And His graces that is lifting you up to live


God has raised us up with Christ
And seated us with Him in heavenly places
So that He can show the riches of His grace
To the coming ages

© 1990 Sparrow Records

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