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More Than Words lyrics

by Steven Curtis Chapman

Lord, I don't know what to say
As I get down on my knees to pray
The same old phrases come to mind
But You've heard them all a thousand times
It's not that its untrue, when I say "Lord, I love You"
It's just that I want it to be more

More than words, I want my prayer to be more than words
Thoughts my heart alone can speak
As You listen to me tell of all your power and mercy
Lord, You know its my desire, that what You hear is more than words

As I open up this Book
And read of all the love it took
for a holy God to care for man
Spirit help me understand
It's not that it's unclear, it's a letter to children
But Lord, I know it's meant to be much more

Chorus II
More than words, not just letters on a page
More than words, for every line and every phrase
Was a breath of inspiration from a caring Father
Who gave the gift of His Son to prove He loved us more than words

As I consider quietly the wonder of all Your ability
It's more than I can comprehend, and I find myself in need again
But if I had every word, and a thousand years to use them
What You are to me would still be more, oh, so much more
More than words

© 1990 Sparrow Records

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