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Living for the Moment lyrics

by Steven Curtis Chapman

He prayed the prayer one Sunday morning
He really meant the words he said
She prayed and gave her heart to Jesus
One night while kneeling by her bed
So many start on this journey
But they never make it out of the door
Their lives are caught in a moment in time
But there's so much more

Than living for the moment when He's given us a lifetime
Living for the moment, letting hours pass right by
It's gonna take forever to discover all that Jesus has in store
So live for every moment
And live every moment for the Lord

There are some mountains on our pathway
Sometimes we reach the very top
We like the feeling of the moment
Sometimes that's where we'd like to stop
But we've been given these moments
To encourage us along the way
Now Jesus wants us to move ahead growin' every day


This is the day that the Lord has created
This is the day that He has made
To take us where our faith has never been before


© 1990 Sparrow Records

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