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Maintain Consciousness lyrics

by Relient K

Our concentration it contains a deadly flaw
Our conversations change from words to blah, blah, blah
We took prescription drugs
But look how much good that did
Well I think I had a point,
But I just got distracted

Lately it just seems to me
Like we've got the letters A.D.D
Branded into our mentality
We simply can't focus on anything

Because its
17,18,19 routine
And here at 23 it's the same old me
And that one thing of the moment
That we all happen to like will
Only very temporarily
Kinda break the cycle
Of the double edged sword
Of being lazy and being bored
We just want more and more and more
Till it's all we can afford

To keep out eyes open for just one more day
To keep on hoping that we'll stumble on a way
To keep our minds open for just one more day
Cause its completely up to us
To maintain consciousness

Well no one can possibly listen to this
More that 4 reps is just monotonous
We're losing interest,
Losing interest,
Losing interest.

© 2004 Capitol

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