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The Outside lyrics

by Red

What if I'm not the same?
What if I never let go of the blame?
What if you drag me back again?
What if I won't let you just pretend

I erase this memory
I escape this gravity
Is that how I used to be?
Is that the price of my identity?

I'm standing on the outside
I'm looking in on what you can't hide
I'm dying on the inside
'Cause now I can see your lies from the outside

What if I'm still ashamed?
What if I can't let go of the pain?
What if I have something to lose?
What if I've got nothing left to prove?

I replace this life you stole
I embrace the world I know
What if you were always wrong?
What if I said I knew it all along?

I'm not you
I will never be you
I won't let you pull me through

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